Company profile

  Boneng was founded in 1992 with a single location and a dedicated team. With innovation and hard work, Boneng has grown quickly into an industry leader. With headquarters now in Suzhou, Boneng Transmission (Suzhou) Co. Ltd also has a manufacturing plant in Wenzhou along with assembly plants in Changsha, Tianjin and Kaifeng, and is going to set up the abroad assembly plants. Boneng is earning their place as a professional manufacture of mechanical and electrical products, which specialize in developing, design, producing, sales for integrity.

  With a host of model types and arrangements, Boneng can offer customers a wide range of sizes and series frequency converter, geared motor, motor, gearbox and Planetary gearbox which are under developing to fit nearly any application. A modular design allows for a wider range of easy-to-stock (and design) array of products. In addition, Boneng has the capability to do cost effective custom units for any industry.

  Recognized internationally for high quality products, Boneng service to their customers is their top priority. Evidence of Boneng’s commitment to customer service is in the dedication of warehouse space for stocking parts ready to deliver.

  As a leader in technology, professional industrial solution and rich industrial achievement, Boneng products can be widely found in the Mining, Chemical and Environmental, Metal Processing, Construction, light industry, food and beverage, textile, agriculture and leisure and amusement industries. Boneng is fulfilling the society requirements and moving the society.

  Teamwork and innovation create a great work environment that is important to Boneng. The stability of our company allows for constant investment back into the business and into product development to remain the reliable resource and supplier our customers deserve.

“BONENG”is the registered trade mark.

BONENG   Promoting Industrial Development