H Helical Gearbox &B Bevel-helical Gearbox NEW Size 13~18


◆ Unique design concept for heavy duty condition.
◆ High modular design, biomimetic surface with owned intellectual property right.
◆ High quality casting housing improves the gearbox mechanical strength and anti-vibration capability.
◆ Transmission shaft is designed as poly line. Compact structure meets the higher torque transmit capacity.
◆ Usual mounting mode and rich optional accessories.

Product design

◆ Transmission stage:2 stage, 3 stage or 4 stage.
◆ Mounting mode: foot mounted and vertical mounted.
◆ Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft(with keyway, shrink disc or involute splines) .

Technical data

Main applied for

◆ harbor and shipping
◆ Harbor and shipping
◆ Hoisting and conveying
◆ Electrical energy
◆ Coal mines
◆ Cement and building material
◆ Metal smelting
◆ Chemical industry and environmental protection

Boneng Transmission will help you

● Providing correct gearbox and combined gearbox to meet your application needs.
● Lowering maintenance cost and lifting operation efficiency.
● Improving production capacity and boosting economic profitability.