F Parallel Shaft Gearmotor



◆ High modular design, flexible mounting mode.
◆ Integrated casting housing,compact dimension, stable transmitting and low noise level.
◆ Perfect oil leakage preventing makes the good sealings and can be used in wide range of industry.
◆ Advanced gear grinding and modified profile, high loading support and more safe operation.
◆ High efficiency and save power.
◆ Save cost and low maintenance.

Design of geared motor

◆ Transmission stage: 2 stage or 3 stage.
◆ Mounting mode: foot mounted, flange mounted, short flange mounted, torque arm mounted.
◆ Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft (with key, with shrink disc and with involute spline).

Technical data

Main applied for

◆ Harbor and shipping
◆ Electric power
◆ Coal mining
◆ Cement and construction
◆ Paper and light industry

Boneng Transmission will help you

● Providing correct gearbox and combined gearbox to meet your application needs.
● Lowering maintenance cost and lifting operation efficiency.
● Improving production capacity and boosting economic profitability.