T Spiral Bevel Gearbox


◆ Excellent ecological design adds luster to your brand image.
◆ Various shaft arrangements and ratio to meet your diverse needs.
◆ When the ratio is not 1:1 and pinion shaft is input, so cross shaft is reduced output. When cross shaft is input, the pinion shaft is increased output.
◆ High precision spiral bevel gear,high efficiency,stable transmission, low noise level, small vibration and strong loading capacity.
◆ Any mounting position is available.
◆ Unique modular design,international production ,faster production and delivery.

Product type

◆ Mounting mode:foot mounted
◆ Shaft arrangement:single input and single output, single input and double output, single input and triple output, double input and single output.
◆ Output shaft: solid shaft

Technical data

Main application industries

Agriculture ● Food ● Chemical ● Environmental ● Paper ● Stage ● Construction