P Planetary Gearbox



◆ High carrying capacity, high tooth surface hardness, high accuracy, high speed, high reliability and high transmission efficiency.
◆ Low noise, low cost, modular and standardized.
◆ High power density, small size, light weight, compact structure, several planet wheels transmit load at the same time, so that power is shunted.
◆ Up to 95% modular design, international production, faster production and logistics cycle.
◆ The comprehensive performance of the gearbox is comparable to that of the first-line international brands, and the price of the gearbox is close to the people.
◆ Easy to achieve input and output coaxial drive.
◆ Wide range of transmission ratio.

Product design

◆ Planetary transmission stages:2 stages or 3 stages.
◆ Input modes:

◆ Output modes:

◆ Installation modes: horizontal installation, vertical installation.

Technical data

Main application industries

Cement ● Metal ● Chemical industry ● Conveyors ● Cranes ● Environmental protection