PS Planetary Slewing Gearbox



◆ Highly modular design.
◆ Compact structure, small size and light weight.
◆ Wide range of transmission ratio, high efficiency, stable operation and low noise.
◆ Several planet wheels transmit load at the same time, so that power is shunted, to realize the composition and decomposition of the motion.
◆ Two flange mounting types: mounting flange has eccentric adjustment function(adjust the backlash between pinion and slewing ring).
◆ Middle flange and planet carrier are designed through computer simulated deformation and stress analysis.

Product design

◆ Planetary transmission stages:2 stages, 3stages or 4 stages.
◆ Input modes: PS with electric motor input and hydraulic motor input, when hydraulic motor is input, the gearbox comes with hydraulic release—spring brake multi-plate parking brake system.
◆ Output modes: pinion output(integral or split type).
◆ Installation modes: flange A and flange B.

Technical data

Main application host

Crane ● Tower crane ● Crawler crane ● Truck crane ● Offshore platform ● Gantry crane