YZ Three-phase Asynchronous Motor For Crane and Metallurgical Applications


Flexible and variable module combination brings simple and rich choices to users.
Can reliable operation under all working system, Class A and Class B common power frequency grid and inverter power supply with superior adaptability.
Advanced magnetic circuit design and finite element analysis ensure product consistency and reliability.
R-level noise vibration, B-class or E-class temperature rise, and IE3 efficiency grade greatly improve product life.
Advanced automated electric processing production line, VPI dip coating, demanding internal comprehensive experiment and inspection to ensure high performance products for users.
The idea of standardization, modularization and multi-regional service can achieve faster delivery.
Extend the product life cycle and maintenance-free design concept, so that the cost performance of our products throughout the life cycle can be highlighted.
No additional maintenance is required in addition to the seals during the product life cycle ,which greatly reduces the maintenance costs for users.

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Choose the most suitable motor for your operating conditions;
Reduce downtime and maintenance time, and improve the utilization rate of startup;
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