BE Bucket Elevator GearboxNEW


Powerful gearbox with unique concept designed for full-load conditions.
The world-class pseudo-ecological appearance design adds color to your brand image.
The main and auxiliary drives can be automatically switched through electric control and remotely controlled for easy installation, debugging and use.
Integrated design of main / auxiliary transmission, compact structure and high reliability.
High-quality backstop and overrunning clutch are selected, with small volume and high safety factor, which can meet the working conditions of full load auxiliary transmission.
Up to 93% of modular design, international production, faster production and logistics cycle.
Higher power density can save you equipment installation space and the overall structure is more compact.
High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use cost and maintenance cost.
Without auxiliary transmission configuration and multiple output and assemblies, it can meet various cases.

Product type

Transmission stage: 3-stage or 4-stage
Mounting types:

Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft (parallel key, shrink disk)

Technical date

Main application industries


Boneng Transmission will help you

Providing correct gearbox and combined gearbox to meet your application needs.
Lowering maintenance cost and lifting operation efficiency.
Improving production capacity and boosting economic profitability.