PN...MN Current Planetary Servo Gearmotor & AN Servo Drivers (0.28kW~3.98kW)


◆ High precision,low noise,low return clearance.
◆ Direct servo motor, compact structure, high power density.
◆ The highly modular design enables faster production and logistics cycles.
◆ High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use and maintenance costs.
◆ Servo motor not only has a strong compact structure and high protection grade, but also has high efficiency, high overload bearing capacity and other characteristics;
Its excellent radial runout quality and subtle torque fluctuation can realize high quality workpiece surface machining.
◆ Support high precision 23-bit absolute encoder, high control accuracy.
◆ Support STO safe torque turn-off function, more secure equipment.
◆ 380VAC voltage class design eliminates additional configuration such as transformers.
◆ Support Boneng DriveSoft upper computer software, debugging more convenient.

Design of geared motor

◆ Transmission stage: 1 stage or 2 stage.
◆ Output form:
◆ Mounting Mode:Horizontal installation、Vertical mounting  

Technical data

Main application industries

◆ Packaging machines
◆ Printing machines
◆ Food machinery
◆ Machine tool
◆ Photovoltaic lithium
◆ Automation equipment
◆ Manipulator