PX-MX Precision planetary gear servomotor &AX Servo Drivers (0.38kW~10.06kW)

PX-MX Precision planetary gear servomotor


◆ High tooth surface hardness, high precision, low noise, low return clearance.
◆ Direct servo motor, compact structure, high power density.
◆ The highly modular design enables faster production and logistics cycles.
◆ High reliability and long design life can effectively reduce your use and maintenance costs.
◆ Servo motor not only has a strong compact structure and high protection grade, but also has high efficiency, high overload bearing capacity and other characteristics;Its excellent radial runout quality and subtle torque fluctuation can realize high quality workpiece surface machining.
◆Combined with boneng Agile series drive to form a powerful servo system, can achieve seamless integration, perfect coordination.

Design of geared motor

◆ Transmission stage: 1 stage or 2 stage.
◆ Output form PX…S-MX:

◆Output form PX…T-MX:
◆Mounting Mode:Horizontal installation、Vertical mounting

Technical data

AX Servo Drives

       AX precision series servo drives are modular servo drives designed for high-performance servo applications,it can be adapted to MX series servo motor to complete accurate servo control, and can also be adapted to asynchronous motor to complete asynchronous servo control.
  1.        AX series servo driver consists of three parts:

Servo Drive Features

◆ PROFINET and EtherCAT communication supported, just choose different control modules;
◆ PROFINET servo supports RT and IRT applications;
◆ High-precision 23-bit absolute value encoder used for high control precision;
◆ 380VAC voltage level design, eliminating additional configurations such as transformers;
◆ Fast screw-free control terminals, convenient for wiring, debugging and maintenance;
◆ Abundant IO interfaces and optional Bi-direction control terminals.

Servo Drive Technical data

Main application industries

Machine tool ● Robots ● Printing machines ● Packaging machines ● Textile machinery ● Automation equipment